Friday, December 17, 2010


Location -  Palode, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

08-10-2010 – Collected a praying mantis egg
25-10-2010 – From it emerged 6 cricket-like insect instead of praying mantis

04-11-2010 – Dissected the egg
Inside it there were 5 Brown, hairy caterpillars
These caterpillars moulted inside the egg case, moulted skin and faeces matter 
      were there

09-11-2010 – Caterpillars are still in the egg case
15-11-2010 – Caterpillars again moulted
29-11-2010 -  Caterpillars become pupae
15-12-2010 – From this pupae emerged  a tiny pitch black bug

Tail side of the bug is covered with golden hairs
Legs and proboscis-like organ are covered with a shield underside
Compound eyes
Edges of the body is having black hairs


It is seems that the praying mantis egg was parasited by two different type of parasites

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