Monday, January 10, 2011

LITTLE YELLOW BUTTERFLY (Eurema hecabe brenda)

Little Yellow Butterfly
Malayalam Name : Manja Pappathi
Location: Palode, Thiruvananthapuram


13-12-2010 – Collected a pupa
                         Suspended by the tail and by a moderately long band
Early stage of the pupa is green in colour

This pupa is dark brown. It means that it is nearing to emerging
15-12-2010 – Emerged in the morning

Kingdom:      Animalia
Phylum:        Arthropoda
Class:           Insecta
Order:           Lepidoptera
Family:         Pieridae
Subfamily:   Coliadinae
Genus:          Eurema         
Species:       E. hecabe brenda

Wolbachia are symbiotic bacteria which often manipulate the reproduction of  female-biased sex-ratio distortion in this butterfly  was investigated

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