Friday, March 18, 2011


Location : Palode, Thiruvananthapuram


19 -1-2011 – Collected 3 pupae from Hydnocarpus Plant

Host plant : Hydnocarpus sp. (Marotti or Neerutti in Malayalam)
22-1-2011 – Colour of the pupa changed

24 -1-2011 – All the three emerged in the morning around 7 AM

Pupa case after emerging

It is Tamil Yeomen Butterfly (Cirrochroa thais)
Marotti Salabham in Malayalam
Kingdom :     Animalia
Phylum    :     Arthropoda
Class      :     Insecta
Order      :     Lepidoptera
Family     :     Nymphalidae
Genus     :     Cirrochroa
Species  :     C. thais
Plant Identification : Courtesy : E S Santhoshkumar

LITTLE YELLOW BUTTERFLY -1 (Eurema hecabe brenda)


09-03-2011 – Caterpillar from the root of a wild orchid
Greenish blue in colour

10-03-2011 – Become pupa
Pupa is also green in colour

14-03-2011 – The colour of the pupa changed from green to yellow

15-03-2011 – Emerged out in the morning at 8.30
                        An yellow colour liquid oozes out
HOST PLANT: Wild Orchid

Monday, March 14, 2011


There are two species of Emigrant Butterflies. They are Common Emigrant or Lemon Emigrant  (Catopsila ponona) and Mottled Emigrant (Catopsila pyranthe).
Kingdom:      Animalia
Phylum:          Arthropoda
Class:            Insecta
Order:            Lepidoptera
Family:           Pieridae
Genus:           Catopsilia
Species:        C. pomona and C. pyranthe


Location : Palode, Thiruvananthapuram

15-12-2010 – Collected a caterpillar with black lines in the side of the body

17-12-2010 -  Transformed to pupa

25 12-2010 – Emerged. It is a common emigrant butterfly. It takes 7days to become adult
                                                      It takes 8 days to become adult

30-12-2010 – Collected a caterpillar with white lines in the body

03-01-2011 – Transformed to pupa

09-01-2011 -  Emerged in the morning. It was mottled emigrant female butterfly
                        It takes 6 days to become Adult

HOST PLANT: Cassia fistula (‘Kanikkonna’ in Malayalam)

There are some eggs of this butterfly still in the plant 
The Egg

Friday, March 11, 2011

OWL MOTH (Erebus macrops)

Owl Moth (Erebus macrops)
Location : Palode, Thiruvananthapuram

09-03-2011 – Seen in resting position in a wall of a building
Very sensitive
Kingdom:         Animalia
Phylum:            Arthropoda
Subphylum:      Hexapoda
Class:               Insecta
Order:               Lepidoptera
Superfamily:    Noctuoidea
Family:             Noctuidae
Subfamily:        Catocalinae
Tribe:                Erebini
Genus:              Erebus

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Location : Palode, Thiruvananthapuram

Host Plant : Asparagus racemosus  (Satavari  in Malayalam)

20-12-2010 – In a dried Asparagus plant the bug is seen laying eggs. After laying the eggs it is covered with a powder-like material. The material is coming from the ventral part of the bug.

03-01-2011 -  Emerged out. It is wasp
Only some eggs are hatched. There is some more to emerge. So the eggs are kept again. May be some eggs are parasite by wasp.

17-01-2011 – Balance eggs emerged out.

Small bugs. Above 50 in number.
                           1.5 mm in length

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