Saturday, December 25, 2010

MOTH - Carea varipes ( Nolidae )

Location : Palode, Thiruvananthapuram

17-10-1996 – Collected a caterpillar from Syzygium tree
The first three segments fused to become ball-like part
There is three pair of legs with nails is seen in this ball like part and a small black head is seen in front of this part
Very light yellow coloured suckers are there in and12 th segments
                           There is no hairs in the body, it is polished

When viewing through microscope, we can see the movement of the internal organs through the           head and body. It means that the outer skin is transparent

HOST PLANT: Syzygium cumini (Jambul) (Jnaval in Malayalam)
Kingdom:       Plantae
(unranked):    Angiosperms
Order:             Myrtales
Family:           Myrtaceae
Genus:           Syzygium
                            Species:         S. cumini

17-10-1996 – Started pupation in the evening at 7.30 by pasting the edges of the leaf using a web produced from its mouth.Inside this covering there is also another covering with the web
18-10-1996 -  Completely changed to pupa in the morning
27-10-1996 – Emerged in the night at 8.00

24-11-2010 -  Collected another caterpillar from the same tree
25-11-2010 – Pupated
04-12-2010 – Emerged in the night

Courtesy : K. Jayaram

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