Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Moth from a caterpillar eating Jasminum grandiflorum

My observations
2-11-1991 -  Caterpillar got from a Jasminum grandiflorum (Pichi-in malayalam) plant
Three pairs of legs in the front first segment with nails
There is a tail-like part in the last segment which stands bend upwards
Eating leaf in the night also

3-11-1991 – The green colour in the body changed to brown in some areas

4-11-1991 – In the night it made a cavity in the soil one inch below. The green colour totally changed to brown. If we touch in the body it moves quickly to and fro

8-11-1991 – Moulted once. After the molting the colour changed totally to pink

19-11-1991 – The colour changed to blood red here and there
Skin toughened
The tail-like part’s colour changed to black
When touching, the last three segments moves front and back like a shock                        absorber

22-11-1991 – The red colour in the body shining in the night

23-11-1991 – In the morning 6’O clock found emerged. May be emerged in the night 

It was a moth

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