Monday, October 18, 2010


My Observations


01-11-1991 – Found the caterpillars in Olea plant.
Eats the leaf of the same plant
The caterpillars leaves in webs like spider
Usually the caterpillars moults.
The moulted skin was there in the web
Black in colour with yellow spots and white hairs 
in the body
Totally seven segments
Three pair of legs with sharp nails in the first three 
segments after the head
Third segments from the back there is a pair of suckers


07-11- 1991 – Halfwhite in colour
Large spots are yellow in colour and small 
spots black
Hanging on a web connected from a leaf
Sways when touched

12-11-1991 -  Changes in the colour of the pupa slightly
Become slight brown and shiny like polished
The Eye spot projected outward

19-11-1991 -  Emerged at 7.15 AM
Female is large in size
Usually mating while minutes after emerging
White in colour with black spots
                      Flickering style of flight
Host Plant

Olea dioica Roxb.

Genus: Olea subgenus: Tetrapilus
Family: Oleaceae tribe: Oleeae. 

Habit :              Trees up to 15 m tall.
Trunk & Bark :          Bark brownish, rough; blaze pale brown.
Vernacular names : Malayalam: Edana; Etala; Irippa

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