Monday, March 14, 2011


There are two species of Emigrant Butterflies. They are Common Emigrant or Lemon Emigrant  (Catopsila ponona) and Mottled Emigrant (Catopsila pyranthe).
Kingdom:      Animalia
Phylum:          Arthropoda
Class:            Insecta
Order:            Lepidoptera
Family:           Pieridae
Genus:           Catopsilia
Species:        C. pomona and C. pyranthe


Location : Palode, Thiruvananthapuram

15-12-2010 – Collected a caterpillar with black lines in the side of the body

17-12-2010 -  Transformed to pupa

25 12-2010 – Emerged. It is a common emigrant butterfly. It takes 7days to become adult
                                                      It takes 8 days to become adult

30-12-2010 – Collected a caterpillar with white lines in the body

03-01-2011 – Transformed to pupa

09-01-2011 -  Emerged in the morning. It was mottled emigrant female butterfly
                        It takes 6 days to become Adult

HOST PLANT: Cassia fistula (‘Kanikkonna’ in Malayalam)

There are some eggs of this butterfly still in the plant 
The Egg

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