Friday, January 14, 2011

PLAIN TIGER BUTTERFLY (Danaus chrysippus)

Location – Womens Christian College Campus, Nagarcoil, Tamilnadu


06-11-1999 – Collected a pupa from a climber
Light green in colour
27 golden bead-like spots and below it broken black lines
Another 6 golden spots lower end of the body

09-11-1999 -  Colour of the body changed to deep yellow

12-11-1999 -  Again colour changed on observing at 7.00 AM
 We can see the colour of the wing through the pupa case

12-11-1999 – Emerged at 6.00 PM

PLAIN TIGER BUTTERFLY (Danaus chrysippus)
"Chempan Kaduva" (in Malayalam
Kingdom:      Animalia
Phylum:         Arthropoda
Class:             Insecta
Order:             Lepidoptera
Family:           Nymphalidae
Genus:           Danaus
Species:        D. chrysippus
Asian species is Danaus chrysippus chrysippus
Several local forms have been described from Asia

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