Friday, November 12, 2010

Green glittering bugs

Colour : Glittering  yellowish green with black spots

Species:            Jatropha podagrica
Kingdom:          Plantae
Division:            Magnoliophyta
Class:                Magnoliopsida
Order:                Euphorbiales
Family:               Euphorbiaceae
Genus:               Jatropha
It is native to the tropical Americas (Origin : Guatemala) but it is propagated as an ornamental plant in many parts of the world. The plant bears bright red coral-like flowers throughout the year. The plant contains the toxic curcin (a phytotoxin (toxalbumin), found mainly in the seeds and   also in the fruit and sap.), making it poisonous.
Fruit: is  small capsule-like, round; about 2.5 -  4 cm (1-1.5inches) in diameter.  These are green and fleshy when immature,becoming dark  brown when ripe and splitting to release 2 or 3  black seeds 

        8-11-2010   -  Seen only in Jatropha podagrica plant.
       Very near to this plant there is Jatropha multifida plant also.
                                                Jatropha multifida
        But this bug is only seen in podagrica  plant
       Also the bug is seen  in fruits
       Bugs in different stages are seen

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